Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the policies and practices of COMLINK LLC in respect to the gathering and storing of personal information supplied by users or collected by us from users of COMLINK websites, including and and the Dataprotect backup service. With the act of signing up for the Service you agree to comply with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

How Comlink Uses Information

We will never sell or market the email addresses or other personal information that you shared to any Third Party. We will never and cannot ever view your files that are backed up using Dataprotect. We may if necessary view your file system information if needed to give technical assistance. Any information collected by COMLINK is strictly utilized for internal purposes of providing our service. Please keep your password secure to protect your account. Comlink does not have access to this information and cannot unlock your account if a password is forgotten. Comlink will only disclose personal information if it necessary to comply with an enforceable government request, as in the case of a warrant.


Comlink is PCI compliant and utilizes industry standard security measures to protect against loss, or misuse of information we have under our control. We make every effort to keep your data and personal information secure. Comlink cannot guarantee impenetrable security against hackers, but we make every effort to keep your data and personal information secure.


If you have a dispute or complaint about privacy on a Comlink web site we ask that you first try to resolve an issue directly with Comlink by contacting us at