More and more data is saved everyday.

Since the turn of the century, computer hard drives have increased their storage capacities almost 5,000%, from 10 GB to 3 TB. And they are growing every day. What this means is, people are saving more data than ever before. Valuable and important information that very often can not be duplicated easily - financial records, photos, music and emails, to name a few.

Data loss is a real and catastrophic possibility.

According to the Gartner Group "One out of four PC users suffer from data loss each year." With these odds it is more of a matter of when, not if you will lose data. So you need to be prepared with a plan in the event it happens to you.

Several data backup options are available.

The average PC user has a couple backup choices: external hard drives, CD-ROMs and flash drives. While these do an adequate job of copying vital data they leave you vulnerable if not stored off site. They also make continual daily back up impractical.

Your best choice is Dataprotect's remote backup service.

All things considered, our remote backup service fulfills all the necessary requirements to be your ideal choice for easy, safe and affordable data backup storage. Through Live Virtual Assistantance (LVA), a trained technician, with your permission and guidance, can access your computer remotely and set up the software.