You deserve to feel safe and secure at home.

Benjamin Franklin once said "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

Just because the data is stored on your home computer does not make it any less important to you or your family. You have valuable and irreplaceable pictures, videos, music, financial records, emails, and folders chock-full of your life. Just imagine how difficult or even impossible in many cases it would be to duplicate the files in your home computer.

Everyday, without warning thousands of people experience the nightmare scenario of partial or complete data loss. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of homes backup their electronic files, leaving themselves totally vulnerable to chance. There is always the possibility that a hardware or system failure can occur, or simply just human error.

Dataprotect is really just data insurance. If you've ever turned in a claim to your auto, home or health insurance provider you know the financial benefit of having insurance. Without it, the out-of-pocket expenses could be astronomical and difficult to deal with. So it makes sense to spend less than $5 a month to securely store 2 GB worth of your precious files.

Until recently, backing up computer files has been a hassle; in some cases not even practical. That is no longer the case with today's broadband connections and Dataprotect. Nearly everyone can "opt-in" to our safe and secure remote data backup service.

Dataprotect gives you two options to get set up. You can install and set it up yourself or we can do it all for you. Using our exclusive LVA (Live Virtual Assistance) service we log on to your computer and set it up with you. During the set up process the LVA Technician will use either the telephone or instant messaging to discuss with you which of your important files you want to save and how often you want to save them. They will automatically be backed up to our secure server so they can be retrieved when you need them.