Protect your business from data loss

For good reason, data backup has become significant in recent years. A company can lose vital corporate data without reliable backup, which can put them out of business overnight. To ensure viability, critical data must be securely protected, whether it is for a small business or a Fortune 500 company. Studies have shown the leading causes of data loss to be system failure and human error. To ensure the least possible impact to the business when one of these situations inevitably occurs, it is essential to develop a protection strategy. Dataprotect ensures your company this line of defense.

Security is a paramount requirement

What good are corporate secrets if others can access them? Fortify your defenses with Dataprotect security. Dataprotect utilizes a 448-bit, military-grade encryption strategy throughout the transmission process, the same level of security used by many banks. Coupled with Dataprotect's 24/7 data storage center, managed by certified ISC2 IT professionals, is a state-of-the-art technology fortification system. Antiquated methods of data storage such as, tape drives and CD-ROMS have become obsolete. While methods such as these were adequate in the past, today's security needs far supersede the capabilities of other defense systems. Dataprotect offers a safe, off-site, data backup service that is a superior alternative.

Easiest to setup and use

Dataprotect offers an exclusive, live, online set-up service called, Live Virtual Assistance (LVA). This novel feature allows one of our expert technical support personnel to gain temporary access to your computer's operating system through a broadband internet connection. During a brief, twenty-minute initialization session, you will be in direct contact with a live support person via telephone or instant messaging. Using Dataprotect's simple set-up method requires only basic computer skills. One-on-one communication is important in order to learn which files are of highest priority, to ensure their safety in the case of a system failure. Dataprotect will backup vital files automatically, as often as your company deems necessary. If you prefer to simply download the installation software and set it up yourself, we offer assistance with Dataprotect's "how-to" set-up video. All your businesses crucial data can be backed up in under one hour.

Affordable and flexible service

Your company can spend less and get more with Dataprotect. Dataprotect's true value will become apparent in the moment your company's critical files need retrieval after a tragic data loss event. Let us offer you the peace of mind that your information is protected. Choose from either single or multiple CPU lines, and storage from 10GB to multi-Terabyte. Your company has the flexibility to start small, and expand as your security needs grow. Dataprotect offers the ease of backing up data from single or multiple computers, or back up an entire office from your local server. Relax with the knowledge that Dataprotect is on your side. To learn more, view the Dataprotect Pricing Guide.